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Aluminum Series

The lightweight champion.
Aluminum definitely has its advantages! It is light, strong, environmentally friendly, and can be manipulated to create fun unique looks! This oval design gives you a slick design option that can't be denied. When you add our Genu-Fold mechanism and a light-weight top, you can fold up and store without breaking your back.

A pair of T-legs with our patented folding mechanisms weigh approximately 15 pounds! Don't let this light weight fool you– the bases still pass BIFMA standards for strength and durability.

Aluminum End Base Single Column Aluminum End Base Double Column Aluminum X-Base Aluminum Post Legs

Angled Leg Series

Versatility combined with modern style.
This innovative table base design features an angled leg that suits a variety of base configurations.

Angled Leg Bases

Arch Series

Curve appeal.
These T & X bases are given a softer, more fluidized look with the subtle bended arch. Its curves pair up nicely with round tops and give a classier look to a classic design!

401 End Base 401 End Base-Double Column 411 X-Base

Column Series

Simple elegance combined with versatility.
Many times a simple solution is the best. Valley Design's Classic Column Series provides simple, elegant solutions to many support problems. They span the range from 1 1⁄2" diameter columns that serve as inexpensive legs to a 28" diameter cylinder that will support a 72" round table. Each has available options that help you find the exact solution to your challenge.

Round Columns Cylinders Square Column Bent/Straight Columns Tornado Tapered Legs Angled Legs Boomerang Leg

Disk Series

Best way to show off your table.
When you want to put your table on a pedestal we have just the base to do it! The disk base is a contemporary circular steel disk with a column to support up to 48" diameter round tables, or larger using double weights. The Diskette series is the perfect solution for a fixed table application at bar height, tall dining, or standard table height. We've developed a strong, easy and attractive floor mount fix as an added feature to this item.

Trumpet Pedestal Disk heavy weight disk Versa Disk Base - Square Versa Disk Base- Round Diskette

Frame Series

Refined Support
This classic looking end frame not only has a look that is timeless, it’s also a power house that can easily support large tables. The H-base is built with a longer, leaner mounting plate and has welded stretcher bars to give added support and eliminate racking.

H Frame O Frame

Laser Series

We have lasers and we're not afraid to use them.
The 304 and 314 are designed with a low sleek profile in mind. They can be ordered with round ends or squared off design. The main bars are made of 1/4" thick steel, making them incredibly stable, eliminating the spring effect.

304 End Base 304 End Base - Double Column 314 X-Base 306 End Base 306 End Base - Double Column 316 X-Base

Raptor Series

Living on the Edge.
The Raptor bases have a unique, edgy design that will get your tables noticed! Made completely from steel, these bases are cut from our lasers and welded together to give you the reliable strength and durability you've come to expect from us.

303 Raptor End Base 313 Raptor End Base

Tubular Series

Maximum versatility.
If there is a table that we can't support with a Tubular Series base, we haven't found it yet. The simplicity of the 2" diameter tubular base allows for nearly unlimited flexibility in creating different sizes of bases. The same simplicity creates a timeless appearance, whether it is with welded and polished steel end caps, durable nylon end caps, or a graceful bend to the floor.

101 End Base 101 Radiused End Double Columns 111 Radiused X Base 111 Radiused X-Base 111 Radiused X-Base - Five Columns 202 Bullnosed End Base Single Column 202 Bullnosed End Base Double Column 212 Bullnosed X Base Single Column 212 Bullnosed X Base Four Column 212 Bullnosed X Base Five Column 221 Concealed Caster End Base Single Column 221 Concealed Caster End Base Double Column 101 Ratchet - Single Column 101 Ratchet - Double Column 202 Ratchet - Single Column 221 Ratchet - Single Column with Concealed Caster

Flipping Mechanisms

You will flip over it.
Easily flip your table tops for efficient nesting storage. The mechanism combines function and efficiency by allowing the user to operate it from either end of the top. Flip and roll without taking a step.


Folding Mechanisms

Storage made Easy.
Use any of our Geun-Fold3 accessories to alleviate your storage problems. Fold table legs under in a locked position with our Genu-Fold folding mechanism and transport and store up to six tables on our table cart.



Your table is not complete until you accessorize!
Wire management options give your tables a clean, finished look. Modesty panels provide an element of decorum to your tables. Support bars prevent annoying sag and casters keep your tables moving!