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Valley Design excels at providing high-quality, well-engineered base components directly to furniture manufacturers nationwide. Our domestically-constructed base components can be found in many offices, schools, and hospitality & healthcare markets.

Clients that work with us have access to a multitude of standard options, as well as personalized assistance and recommendations from engineering experts. As such, we make it our responsibility to understand the criticality of asking the right questions, shipping quality product, maintaining short lead times, providing superior customer service, and delivering innovative design solutions.

We strive to provide our clients with first-rate service and American-made base components that not only fit the concept and intent of each individual product, but also take into account the durability, longevity, and budget allotted to those particular products.


Valley Design hosts a wide variety of departments, personnel, and machinery. Each contributes to an extensive range of capabilities that may apply to industries beyond furniture fabrication. Factory and office capabilities include:

Design for Manufacturability Support: Costly tooling problems are completely avoidable with Design for Manufacturability support. Optimize your product design by taking advantage of the manufacturing functions that are currently available, as opposed to requiring the creation of new fabrication techniques and tooling.

Engineering: Extensive machinery and personnel allow for exclusive control of your product from start to finish. Everything from initial concept design to shipping of a final piece is well thought out and planned in advance.

Fabrication: Valley Design has the capability to build metal structures using parts and pieces from multiple other departments. Stamped pieces, welds, tubes, and cuts can be combined to manufacture an ideal end product.

Stamping: Transform simple sheet metal into customized, complex parts or pieces with Valley Design stamping capabilities. Punch, press, or cut flat metal into the desired shape or format for your product.

Welding: Significantly improve the quality and aesthetics of your product with advanced welding techniques and capabilities. Showcase strength and appearance with superior welds from Valley Design.

Steel/Aluminum: Choose the material that best fits the look, feel, and budget of your piece. Valley Design is capable of product design and fabrication using steel and aluminum materials.

Laser Cutting: Expect clean, quality edges from a high-power laser. Our lasers can be programmed to follow the most exact cut lines, without the debris, splintering, or rough edges often left behind by other methods of material cutting.

Tube Bending: Tube bending makes complex looks and creative lines more than possible. Valley Design has the capability to manipulate tubular, ductile metals into the most effective shape or design for each product.

Assembly/Packing/Shipping: No project is complete until it is delivered to a satisfied client. Products can be assembled on site, and then professionally packed. Valley Design can also assist in facilitation of shipping.